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Social Media Marketing

We can proudly label ourselves as Social Media Strategist, which helps marketers forge meaningful, profitable and long-lasting connections with customers through e-mail marketing and social media.

As social media takes on an increasingly important role in business, many events and groups are popping up to meet the growing demand for shared knowledge and best practices around the subject.

There are a ton of events out there that cater to digital professionals - in fact, we share a guide to the top 100+ upcoming social media and tech events each week. Give us a chance to help your business grow on social media using disruptive methodology.

Product Marketing

The winning companies need to have highly integrated organizations - that is, hub-and-spoke structures whereby the CMO is in the middle, with roles akin to product manager, marketing strategies manager, advertising director, PR manager, market-research director and promotion director creating the spokes and rim of the wheel. Silos are finally nonexistent; the integration and interconnectedness of this new model enables full coordination of all constituents. We help client to achieve the business goal & objectives with integrated system approach.

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