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Companies today face a data threat. And it's from within. Unable to unlock actionable value from data, todays leader miss opportunities to benefit from the huge advantages which data has the potential to provide. MyPeepal global practice of analytic's consultants work with clients to both activate data and optimize teams to analytically power their organizations. Using a focused combination of deep analytic competencies, technology, and business expertise, we help companies transform their data, teams, capabilities, and operating models to develop a competitive edge.

Marketing & Sales

CMO's face substantial challenges, from customers with changing and diverging needs to new competitors and breakthrough technologies. Mypeepal supports companies in all industries in staying ahead of new market developments, capturing new opportunities, and shaping markets. We work collaboratively with our clients to drive trans-formative change and profitable growth - while ensuring sustainable business success. We have given consultancy to

  • Advisor to US economy board : The project title was "Revenue Opportunity from Metro's & Public transport.". The project synopsis can be viewed here. Link to the presentation & Download PDF
  • Mobile Education :The project was done along with Tata Docomo. The project synopsis can be viewed here. Link to the presentation.

Digital Business

Digitization, in all of its forms, is the transformative factor of our time, and no company can ignore the impact it will have on all aspects of commerce, including business processes, services, and transactions. Mypeepal Digital Business Service works collaboratively with clients to understand how to adapt to today's disruptive digital innovations and build a long-term competitive advantage. We have expertise in m commerce & e commerce business segment. our approach is to understand market & kill competition business with digital innovation via disruptive pricing & service.


In today's hyper competitive world, forward-thinking companies secure their futures by developing superior innovation and R&D management capabilities, reinventing sources of competitive advantage, and being faster and more agile than the competition. MyPeepal is very well qualified to help companies dramatically improve in all of these areas.


Security is key to any business. We help clients with ethical Hacking. One of our approach to security is to help organisation with ethical hacking methodology.


MyPeepal strategy consultants work side by side with top management to help plan and implement their corporate strategies. The result of these collaborative efforts is an approach that ensures that all strategies can be turned into actions, led from the top, with clear accountability & steps. We not only help them strategise but also help in executing the strategy. We are not the ones who just submit strategy document & leave to organisation for execution. We ensure results.


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